Seychelles4XPlane – The Airports

In the last couple of postings in the development blog we talked quite a lot about The Landscape and The Helipads. Now it is finally the time to inform you about the airports which will be part of the Seychelles4XPlane scenery package. First, let’s have a closer look at the two largest airports – out of in total fifteen landing sites:

The Seychelles International Airport (FISA) is the main airport of the Seychelles, located on the island of Mahé, 11 kilometers southeast of the capital city of Victoria. The airport handles over 700.000 passengers annually. This corresponds to one departure every 10-15 minutes at peak times – on the single, 3.000 meters long runway.

Our rendition of the Seychelles International Airport for X-Plane will not only feature the main facilities of the airport, but also the hangars of the Island Development Company, as well as the base of Zil Air (a local provider of fixed-wing and helicopter services). Located on the Zil Air site you’ll find the fourth heliport, which will be included in the Seychelles4XPlane scenery package. It complements the three previously presented heliports.

The regional Praslin Island Airport (FSPP), also known as Iles des Palmes Airport, is located next to Grand Anse on Praslin Island, the second largest island of the Seychelles. It lies about 44 kilometers northeast of the main island Mahé. The regional airport handles over a quarter of a million passengers annually and is served with scheduled flights by Air Seychelles as well as charters by Zil Air.

More about the thirteen additional airstrips (paved and unpaved ones) on the smaller islands of the Seychelles4XPlane archipelago in the next posting… Would you like some teasers in advance? Alright, enjoy these scenic views:

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