Seychelles4XPlane – The Helipads

Like the previous scenery packages, Seychelles4XPlane will not be just a conventional airport scenery. It’s very important to us, that our sceneries offer a complete experience for all kind of flight simulation enthusiasts: That means also for the Seychelles4XPlane scenery package – in addition to detailed airport renditions – not only to feature a realistic landscape, but also being a worthwhile destination for heli-simmers:

The snapshots show the Naval base near Port Victoria, and the helipads on La Digue and Silhouette Island. These heliports will be available for heli-simmers in addition to the landing sites at the thirteen airfields, the Regional Airport on Praslin and the International Airport on Mahé.

More about the fifteen airports in a further posting. Stay tuned!

UpdateSeychelles4XPlane is available now from our publisher Aerosoft! Alternatively you can purchase Seychelles4XPlane also in numerous partner shops, like or Steam.