A tool to edit X-Plane Meshes

Besides the development of new X-Plane Meshes, especially for remote areas like the Antarctic continent, I begun to develop a new tool to edit existing X-Plane Meshes.

Some background information: Developers of X-Plane Scenery Add-ons often encounter the problem, that their overlay scenery doesn’t fit well into the underlying X-Plane Base Mesh. My new tool can assist in such cases with the following features (not a final and exhaustive list):

  • Manipulation and exchange of in DSF files encoded elevation models (the X-Plane default Meshes include elevation models with a horizontal resolution of 3 Arc-seconds; the tool supports the replacement with a higher resolution model, optionally pre-processed e.g. smoothed areas around runways)
  • Encoding of the Elevation Model so that is supports a sub-meter vertical resolution (the vertical resolution of the default X-Plane Meshes is limited to a maximum of 1 meter; the tool supports the encoding so that higher vertical resolutions are possible)
  • Supports the increase of the density of the Triangulated Irregular Network so that the Base Mesh well represents the underlying elevation model (this happens by user input with e.g. point clouds and / or automatically by subdividing the existing TIN)

These are just the key features. For more information, consult the development thread or write me a message – especially when you are a X-Plane Scenery Developer, who needs a custom edit of an existing X-Plane Base Mesh.

HiRes Digital Elevation Mosaic

In the last few weeks I focused a new project that is somewhat different than the previous ones. This time, I do not develop a final X-Plane Mesh Scenery, but a source for you, to build your own (Photo-)Mesh: A HiRes Digital Elevation Mosaic out of more than a dozen sources (with a resolution of at least 10 meters). It is seamless and without any voids and has a grid spacing of 20 meters. It covers in the current version Italy, Austria and Slovenia.


The project is motivated by the fact, that more and more regional HiRes Digital Terrain Models are available under a open data license, but there does not exist so far a single source (the collection and examination of the single sources is arduous). Specifically, my DEM Mosaic is not just a simple overlap of different sources: I try to achieve an unrecognizable transition (blending) between the different sources. Besides the local HiRes sources, I compile other sources with good resolution into the DEM Mosaic (to fill gaps, where no local HiRes Elevation Models are available and to fill 1×1 degree tiles where necessary).

Please consult the development and discussion thread for further details.

Working on Elevation Models

I’m working on a mesh update of Antarctica4XPlane Part 2. For this I begun to merge some high resolution elevation models into the current low resolution model. With success as you can see below: Shown is a digital elevation model of Ross Island [the current DEM on the left and the upcoming on the right], composited out of three different sources. Each source has its weakness and voids, but in combination they result in a breathtaking improvement of the current mesh.