Lower Erebus Hut Observatory

Looking for a new challenge on the Antarctic continent? Then I suggest to you Walter’s first scenery for X-Plane, the Lower Erebus Hut Volcano Observatory. A small scenery well integrated in my Antarctica Base Mesh for X-Plane (Part 2 covering Victoria Land and northern Parts of the Transantarctic Mountains). The Lower Erebus Hut (LEH) is a […]

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Kenn Borek Air Livery

You love to fly the DHC-6 from Aero Pedro? Then I suggest to you the Kenn Borek Air Livery by Walter. Even when the original aircraft with the identification C-GKBH is a shortnose version of the DHC-6, Walter’s livery works also very well with all other versions of Pedro’s DHC-6. Kenn Borek Air is an airline based […]

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Airport Bergen for X-Plane

Today I have the pleasure to announce the release of the Bergen Airport for X-Plane. It was developed by one of my new development partners: Stairport Sceneries. For the realization of their Bergen Airport, I had the opportunity to provide them a high realistic elevation model for the airport area. The primary goal was to […]

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Prince Edward Island Adventures

As an add-on for my Prince Edward Islands Mesh, community member Ralph developed and released his Prince Edward Island Adventures Scenery for X-Plane. The Scenery Package contains the SANAP’s Meteorological Station at Marion Island, as well as two fictitious airfields. Details can be found on the download page.

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Research Camps Sceneries

The call to create sceneries for the Antarctica4XPlane project shows first successes: It’s a pleasure for me to announce that Mark released the Trough Lake Camp and the Lower Wright Glacier Hut. I thank Mark and I’m looking forward to further realizations by him and other developers who like to support.

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de Havilland Canada Dash 7

Flight operations in Antarctica require rugged designed and fuel efficient aircrafts with short takeoff and landing capability. The de Havilland Canada Dash 7 meets these requirements perfectly. Enough reasons to suggest you the recently released de Havilland Canada Dash 7 model for X-Plane 10 by x-plane.org user Stingray14. It comes with an excellent designed 3D-Cockpit and the packages […]

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Rothera Expedition Scenery

Ready for your next Antarctic Adventure? There is a Expedition on Arrowsmith Peninsula which needs your help. Get Heinz’s Rothera Expedition Scenery and start your supply flight today. The Scenery consists of three parts: A dock at the coast, a base camp and a group of researchers at the plateau.

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Skytraders Antarctic Livery

Dedicated to the upcoming Part 2 of my Antarctica Mesh Scenery, Pedro took one more aircraft into his paint hangar: This time he realized a Skytraders Antarctic Livery for Christian’s Airbus A319. Skytraders was chosen out of 7 tenders to be the official air link to Antarctica. According to the ABC their world-renowned safety systems won them the tender. They […]

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Chilean Air Force Livery

Nino treated Pedro ;-) and I’m now pleased to announce that he painted a Chilean Air Force Livery for his DHC-6 Twin Otter related to my Antarctica Mesh Scenery. The Antártica Commune has a population of 150 inhabitants on the Chilean bases, according to the census conducted nationwide in 2012, corresponding to 54 civilians and 96 military. These people are […]

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Additional Stations near Rothera

Based on my Antarctica4XPlane Mesh, first Third-party developers begun their work under cold and dry weather conditions: Heinz from the Aerosoft Community created and released the Rothera Skiway and a (fictive) mobile weather station north of the Rothera Research Station. Get Heinz’s Sceneries via the Aerosoft Forum.

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