Stuttgart Airport for X-Plane

Stuttgart Airport has now been brought to X-Plane by Stairport Sceneries in cooperation with FlightSim Studio AG. The scenery package represents the airport in the latest status of development of the real airport. All airport buildings, the layout of the runway and taxiways, as well as the lighting systems and all navaids have been implemented […]

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Menorca Airport for X-Plane

The Aeropuerto de Menorca, serving the popular Balearic holiday island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea, is now available for X-Plane! It’s a conversion of Sim-wings‘ P3D version by Windsock Simulations. Aerial images, as well as a customized terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane, complement the airport scenery: Key Features: Airport Menorca with all buildings and service […]

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Kassel-Calden Airport for X-Plane

Stairport Sceneries presents in cooperation with FlightSim Studio AG their rendition of Kassel-Calden Airport for X-Plane. It’s a relatively young international airport, located about 13.5 km northwest of the city of Kassel, known for its challenging approach on runway 09 due its inclination. This and other terrain details at the airport were implemented by Maps2XPlane in […]

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Madrid–Barajas Airport for X-Plane

Spain’s largest airport Madrid–Barajas Airport is now available for X-Plane! Windsock Simulations converted Sim-wings‘ FSX/P3D version with all buildings and service facilities for X-Plane, and features not only aerial images, detailed 3D models and animations, but also a customized terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane. Key Features: Airport Madrid-Barajas with all buildings and service facilities; Aerial image for the […]

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Halifax Stanfield Airport for X-Plane

One of Canada’s busiest airports is now available for X-Plane: Airfield Canada released their rendition of the Halifax Stanfield International Airport including a customized terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane, featuring accurately sloped runways and lots of other terrain details at the airport. The extensive scenery package features: Over 150 highly-detailed custom buildings and objects with PBR […]

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Split Airport for X-Plane

Ready to explore southern Croatia region Dalmatia in X-Plane? Stairport Sceneries released Split Airport in cooperation with PadLabs. It’s not just a conversion: The new X-Plane version represents the recent expansion of the airport including the new terminal, and features a customized terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane for a realistic representation of the airport terrain, including […]

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Rhodes International Airport for X-Plane

FlightSim Development Group released their rendition of The Island of the Knights for X-Plane. The scenery package Rhodes XP features not only the Rhodes International Airport “Diagoras” (LGRP) and the Maritsa Airport (LGRD), but also the entire island in the South Aegean – including aerial imagery, autogen, landmarks and a for LGRP customized terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane (Ortho4XP-Patch included). Main Features: […]

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Chania International Airport for X-Plane

Next scenery conversion for X-Plane by Stairport Sceneries is ready to be explored: Chania International Airport “Daskalogiannis” originally developed by Emmanuel Stefanakis for P3D. The airport is located on the Akrotiri peninsula that is part of the island of Crete in southern Greece. The scenery offers a highly realistic flight experience thanks to high-resolution ground textures […]

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Milan Malpensa Airport for X-Plane

Windsock Simulations’ conversion of David Rosenfeld’s Milan Malpensa Airport is now available from publisher Aerosoft. Milan Malpensa XP features a highly detailed recreation of the second largest airport in Italy for X-Plane. Key Features: Accurate models of all buildings, the tower, and terminals 1 and 2; Apron with exact ground markings; Detailed 0,50 m/px ground textures; Orthophoto of the […]

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