Working together?

You need assistance in your X-Plane scenery development? What I can offer you is:

  • Development of new terrain meshes for X-Plane
    You aren’t satisfied with the landscape of the area for which you’re developing sceneries? Or do you miss – due to the fact that the X-Plane default terrain mesh doesn’t cover the entire planet – particular regions, e.g. single islands, or arctic or antarctic regions? I can offer you the development of a custom terrain mesh for your area of interest. That includes: Search and collection of suitable raster (elevation models, land classifications, …) and vector (coastlines, waterbody outlines, …) source data; Preprocessing of these source data (customizing the elevation model, …); Assembling the preprocessed source data to a custom terrain mesh for X-Plane; Customized, seasonal texture sets.
  • Customization of existing X-Plane terrain meshes
    You are developing an airport scenery and the underlying terrain mesh doesn’t represents the reality well enough (sloped runways, leveled parking spots, missing waterbodies, …) or doesn’t fit your needs (flattened aprons, …)? I can offer you the customization of existing terrain meshes. I developed for that purpose a mesh editing tool. Therewith I can: Replace or manipulate the elevation model that underlies the existing terrain mesh; Intervene in the triangulated irregular network of the terrain mesh, so that it well represents the underlying elevation model; Add missing waterbodies. To just name a few of the various manipulation options.

Curious about what I developed so far? Then take a look into the Sceneries-section of my website. There you’ll find my freeware and payware add-ons for the flight simulator X-Plane as well as my contributions to projects of my Partners.

Interested in further details or a concrete offer? Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m looking forward to your non-binding inquiry. I’m interested in ambitious freeware projects as well as professional payware products.