The Sceneries!

Under the following rubrics you’ll find an overview over my Custom Sceneries for X-Plane, released under the brand Maps2XPlane. Some of them are Freeware others are Payware:

  • Arctic (Svalbard, … further regions will be announced soon)
  • Antarctic (South Orkney Islands, Antarctic Peninsula, Victoria Land, …)
  • Subantarctic (Prince Edward Islands, Heard and McDonald Islands, …)

In addition of the development of own X-Plane Sceneries, I cooperate with various developers and offer my mesh development and mesh editing services for various freeware and payware projects:

If you have suggestions for additional mesh sceneries or if you are interested in a cooperation, then please contact me. I offer custom meshes as well as mesh edits. I’m interested in ambitious freeware projects as well as professional payware products.