What is Maps2XPlane? Maps2XPlane is the brand for my Custom Sceneries for the flight simulator X-Plane. I’m focused on the development of Custom Terrain Meshes, particularly for remote areas, which aren’t covered by X-Plane’s Default Mesh. I also offer products and services for third-parties, especially the processing of geodata.

Who I am? I’m Matthias Seewald and I have about twenty years of experiences as software engineer and project manager. I was focused on the development of web applications until I recognized my passion for geodata. In combination with my interest in flight simulations, it was just a matter of time until I begun to develop Custom Sceneries for X-Plane.

You find my Custom Sceneries for X-Plane in the Sceneries-section and those of my development partners in the Third-party-section. To stay up to date, I suggest to you to check the News-section of my website frequently. And if you have any questions about my scenery packages or if you are interested in a cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact me!