The Landscape of Seychelles4XPlane

After the announcement of our new scenery package Seychelles4XPlane, let’s now take a closer look at some key features, starting with the landscape: Our Seychelles scenery package for the flight simulator X-Plane will be shipped with a custom terrain mesh, which features the entire 115-island archipelago in the Indian Ocean, and will be covered with a generic, photo-realistic texture set – not only for the land, but also the sea!

The custom terrain mesh will be complemented with custom overlays to achieve a realistic rendition of the granitic islands of the Seychelles and their dense tropical vegetation. You can look forward to absolutely stunning views, when you explore the extensive Seychelles4XPlane scenery package. Here are some previews (please note, that these screenshots show our work in progress – the coastlines, for example, aren’t finally textured yet):

That’s it for today. In further articles I will showcase some of the other key features too: For example the custom autogen and the custom road- and sea-traffic-networks. And of course also the Seychelles International Airport, the Praslin Regional Airport and the thirteen (!) additional airstrips – as well as selected helipads – which are spread over the smaller islands of the Seychelles, and will be also included in our Seychelles4XPlane scenery package!

UpdateSeychelles4XPlane is available now from our publisher Aerosoft! Alternatively you can purchase Seychelles4XPlane also in numerous partner shops, like or Steam.