In memoriam Nino Villari

With great sadness I have to inform you, that Antonio ‘Nino’ Villari passed away on 25th November 2020 in the age of 72. With Nino we not only lost the initiator and coordinator of the Antarctica4XPlane development, but also a wonderful, humorous and fun-loving person. Matthias: “I met Nino on 17th April 2015 in the […]

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Heard Island and McDonald Islands Mesh

Now the time has come, the subantarctic adventure can continue: I’m pleased to announce that I have released my newest terrain mesh for X-Plane: Heard Island and McDonald Islands. The subantarctic volcanic group is Australian external territory and among the most remote places on Earth: Get your copy of the scenery package and start your subantarctic adventure […]

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Prince Edward Islands Mesh Update

The announced update of the Prince Edward Islands Mesh is now available. The terrain mesh for X-Plane covers two Subantarctic Islands in the Indian Ocean: Marion Island and Prince Edward Island. The update features a slightly better elevation model and enhanced and more varied texturing: Here’s the download link. In addition to mesh scenery I suggest as […]

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Subantarctic Islands News

Great news regarding X-Plane Meshes for the Subantarctic: First of all, I’d like to announce, that I currently develop a new terrain mesh for Heard and McDonald Islands. The islands are Australian external territory and are among the most remote places on Earth. Also worth to mention: Mawson Peak, the summit of Heard Island, is higher […]

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Prince Edward Islands Adventures

As an add-on for my Prince Edward Islands Mesh, community member Ralph developed and released his Prince Edward Island Adventures Scenery for X-Plane. The Scenery Package contains the SANAP’s Meteorological Station at Marion Island, as well as two fictitious airfields. Details can be found on the download page.

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Prince Edward Islands Mesh

As announced in November 2016, I’m working on Meshes covering Subantarctic Islands. Now I’m proud to announce, that I finished the first couple of islands: The Prince Edward Islands. Two sub-antarctic islands in the Indian Ocean, named Marion Island and Prince Edward Island. This base mesh is an addition to my Antarctica4XPlane mesh sceneries, due to the […]

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Subantarctic Islands Mesh

You’re looking for a stopover on your way to the antarctic continent? Then I have good news for you: I’m working on new Meshes covering Subantarctic Islands. One of the first Mesh which will be ready to release, covers the Prince Edward Islands. Two islands in the Indian Ocean, named Marion Island and Prince Edward […]

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