Faroes4XPlane – Four Seasons

About a year ago we successfully released our popular Faroes4XPlane scenery package, featuring the archipelago of the Faroe Islands, high up in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland, Norway, and Great Britain.

If you haven’t enjoyed Faroe Islands XP so far, a reminder that the extensive scenery package features not only a custom terrain mesh, country specific autogen, detailed renditions of the Vágar Airport and eight helipads, but also four texture-sets for a photo-realistic seasonal representation of the islands:

Notice, that you don’t need any additional plugin-ins from third-parties: Faroes4XPlane loads one of the four texture-sets depending on the date you have configured in your flight settings – automatically! We recommend to fly with real-world date-, time- and weather-settings for the best experience. But be cautious, approaching the sloped runway at the Vágar Airport is a real challenge, and the eight helipads aren’t much easier:

Faroe Islands XP is available from our publisher Aerosoft or from the vendor of your choice – e.g. from X-Plane.org, Steam and others.