HiRes Digital Elevation Mosaic

In the last few weeks I focused a new project that is somewhat different than the previous ones. This time, I do not develop a final X-Plane Mesh Scenery, but a source for you, to build your own (Photo-)Mesh: A HiRes Digital Elevation Mosaic out of more than a dozen sources (with a resolution of at least 10 meters). It is seamless and without any voids and has a grid spacing of 20 meters. It covers in the current version Italy, Austria and Slovenia.


The project is motivated by the fact, that more and more regional HiRes Digital Terrain Models are available under a open data license, but there does not exist so far a single source (the collection and examination of the single sources is arduous). Specifically, my DEM Mosaic is not just a simple overlap of different sources: I try to achieve an unrecognizable transition (blending) between the different sources. Besides the local HiRes sources, I compile other sources with good resolution into the DEM Mosaic (to fill gaps, where no local HiRes Elevation Models are available and to fill 1×1 degree tiles where necessary).

Please consult the development and discussion thread for further details.

Prince Edward Islands Mesh

As announced in November 2016, I’m working on Meshes covering Subantarctic Islands. Now I’m proud to announce, that I finished the first couple of islands: The Prince Edward Islands. Two sub-antarctic islands in the Indian Ocean, named Marion Island and Prince Edward Island.


This base mesh is an addition to my Antarctica4XPlane mesh sceneries, due to the fact, that the Prince Edward Islands are a great place for a stopover when you are on your way to the antarctic continent. You’ll find all download links under Our Sceneries.

Last but not least: Please keep in mind, my sceneries are not without cost, at least they demand a lot of leisure time. Thus if you like the results of my work, I would appreciate your contribution and support of my projects.

New Antarctica Sceneries

The current season in Antarctica is approaching its peak and it is thus an appropriate time for the release of further research stations: I’m proud to announce that Paolo released two brand-new Research Station Scenery Packages in addition to my Antarctica Mesh Scenery. The packages contain amongst others: Comandante Ferraz Station and Machu Picchu BaseMcMurdo Station (on the image below), Scott Base and a station at Marble Point.


Enjoy the new sceneries and don’t forget to support the further development of our project.

Subantarctic Islands Mesh

You’re looking for a stopover on your way to the antarctic continent? Then I have good news for you: I’m working on new Meshes covering Subantarctic Islands. One of the first Mesh which will be ready to release, covers the Prince Edward Islands. Two islands in the Indian Ocean, named Marion Island and Prince Edward Island.


Update of Antarctica4XPlane!

As of today, a new version of Antarctica4XPlane Part 2 is online. This update covers now a much larger area of  Victoria Land and the northern parts of the Transantarctic Mountains. Also, this update improves the resolution of the Mesh dramatically.

The download-links to this update and all other sceneries can be found under Our Sceneries.

I’m looking forward to your Likes, Reviews and Comments. I plan the development of further regions. So if you like my work, and if you want to ensure the continued development, I would appreciate your support.

Working on Elevation Models

Matthias is working on a mesh update of Antarctica4XPlane Part 2. For this he begun to merge some Hi-Res elevation models into the current Low-Res model. With success as you can see below: Shown is a digital elevation model of Ross Island [the current DEM on the left and the upcoming on the right], composited out of three different sources. Each source has its weakness and voids, but in combination they result in a breathtaking improvement of the current mesh:comparison_ramp_newmosaic