Antarctica Earth Orbit Textures

What really annoys me when flying over Antarctica4XPlane, is the virtual horizon: I feel like, that the earth is flat! X-Plane would have a solution for that, but this solution is simply “not configured” for high latitudes. To make it short, a solution is in development, which will enhance your polar flight experience dramatically: Some background…

Antarctic and Subantarctic Maps for X-Plane

With version 11, X-Plane doesn’t show any outlines of the terrain in its default map for my Antarctica Terrain Mesh Sceneries. I solved this issue now by creating and releasing custom Antarctic and Subantarctic Maps for X-Plane.

Planet Map Replacement

Because the X-Plane Default Planet Map doesn’t cover –besides other regions – the Antarctic Continent, I created a Planet Map Replacement for X-Plane. It is derived from The Blue Marble Next Generation (BMNG) published by the NASA Earth Observatory, and you can choose either a June or a December version.