Faroes4XPlane – The Helipads

After the postings about the Vágar Airport and the Landscape, it’s time to talk about the eight helipads which will be included in the Faroes4XPlane scenery package: Froðba (EKFA), Kirkja (EKKU), Klaksvík (EKKV), Mykines (EKMS), Skúvoy (EKSY), Stóra Dímun (EKSR), Svínoy (EKSO) and Tórshavn/Bodanes (EKTB).

Therewith, Faroes4XPlane features with the Vágar Airport not only a challenging runway for pilots of airliners, but is also a paradise for helicopter pilots.

Atlantic Airways being the national airline of the Faroe Islands performing helicopter flights from its base at Vágar Airport. With two AgustaWestland AW139 in their fleet, they provide domestic scheduled transportation and search and rescue activities.

As you can see on the snapshots, we payed a lot of attention to details at and around the helipads, and modeled the surrounding terrain by hand, to achieve renditions, which are as close to the reality as possible.

In the next step, we’ll finish the seasonal representations of the landscape, the airport and the helipads. Last but not least, the landscape will be “populated” with Faroese themed autogen. More about that in the upcoming postings. In the meantime, take also a look at the already published articles about Faroes4XPlane.

Update: Faroes4XPlane is now available in the Aerosoft Shop or from the vendor of your choice – e.g. from X-Plane.org, Steam and others.