The Landscape of Faroes4XPlane

We’re making a good progress in developing Faroes4XPlane and the time has come to inform about a further scenery component: The Landscape. As mentioned with the announcement of the project, the scenery package will not only contain a detailed rendition of the Vágar Airport and the eight helipads, but also a custom terrain mesh.

The Faroe Islands build an archipelago which is located in the North Atlantic between Norway and Iceland. The 18 (major) islands are rugged and very hilly, and have a windy, wet, cloudy and cool subpolar oceanic climate.

The custom terrain mesh will cover the entire archipelago (about 1.400 square kilometers) and is build upon a high-detailed elevation model (a custom mosaic build upon multiple source datasets). To get a first idea how the landscape will look like in your simulator, look at these two comparisons – the single images show the X-Plane 11 default mesh on the left and the Faroes4XPlane custom terrain mesh on the right:

The high-detailed elevation model will be enhanced with hand modeled terrain details around the eight helipads and the Vágar Airport, like a realistically sloped and leveled runway:

Further, the custom terrain mesh will be shipped with – at least – two generic texture sets for a photo-realistic summer- and a winter-representation of the landscape. More about that in the next posting. In the meantime, check also the other recently published postings about Faroes4XPlane.

Update: Faroes4XPlane is now available in the Aerosoft Shop or from the vendor of your choice – e.g. from, Steam and others.