Faroes4XPlane – Vágar Airport

Since the latest posting, it isn’t a real secret anymore: Maps2XPlane is working in cooperation with Albert Ràfols on a virtual rendition of the Faroe Islands: The scenery package for X-Plane will contain: The Vágar Airport, the eight helipads on the archipelago, and of course the stunning landscape. Detailed information will follow in the upcoming weeks, today let’s start with the airport:

The Vágar Airport (EKVG) is the only airport on the Faroe Islands and the main operating base for the national airline Atlantic Airways. The airport was built during World War II and became operational for civil aviation in 1963. To open up the Faroe Islands to a whole range of new, conventional aircrafttypes, the runway was extended in December 2011 from 1.250 meters to 1.799 meters and since 2012, runway 30 is classified as a CAT 1. A new terminal was inaugurated in June 2014 and the Vágar Airport handles up to nearly 350.000 passengers (2017) per year.

Wondering, how the Vágar Airport will appear in your X-Plane simulator? Ok, persuaded ;-) here are a few snapshots showing the work in progress by Albert:

Please note: What you see is still work in progress. In particular the surrounding terrain doesn’t match the planned custom rendition of the landscape which is in development by Maps2XPlane. More about the custom terrain mesh, the eight helipads, as well as a detailed feature list of the Faroes4XPlane product will follow in further postings.

Update: Faroes4XPlane is now available in the Aerosoft Shop or from the vendor of your choice – e.g. from X-Plane.org, Steam and others.