New Antarctica Scenery Add-ons

The current season in Antarctica is approaching its peak and it is thus an appropriate time for the release of further research stations: I’m proud to announce that Paolo released two brand-new Research Station Scenery Packages complementing my Antarctica Mesh Scenery. The packages contain amongst others: Comandante Ferraz Station and Machu Picchu Base, McMurdo Station (on the image above), Scott Base and…

Mario Zucchelli Station

Paolo released a new Antarctica Scenery package! It contains the Mario Zucchelli Station, a permanent Italian Research Base, located at the Terra Nova Bay. Nearby you will find the Jang Bogo Station and Enigma Lake, with a challenging Skiway. Have fun exploring!

Research Camps Sceneries

A call by Nino to create scenery add-ons for Antarctica4XPlane shows first success: It’s a pleasure for me to announce that Mark released the Trough Lake Camp and the Lower Wright Glacier Hut. I thank Mark and I’m looking forward to further realizations by him and other developers who like to support us!

Rothera Expedition Scenery

Ready for your next Antarctic Adventure? There is an expedition on Arrowsmith Peninsula which needs your help! Get Heinz’s Rothera Expedition Scenery and start your supply flight today. The scenery package consists of three parts: A dock at the coast, a base camp and a group of researchers at the plateau.

Additional Stations near Rothera

Based on my Antarctica4XPlane Terrain Mesh, first third-party developers begun their work under cold and dry weather conditions: Heinz from the Aerosoft Community created and released the Rothera Skiway and a (fictive) mobile weather station north of the Rothera Research Station. Get Heinz’s Sceneries via the Aerosoft Forum.

Next Research Base Stations

SAYE Esperanza Base and SAWZ Matienzo Base developed by my development partner Paolo are now available! These and all previously released Research Base Stations are downloadable from Paolo’s Download-Site and the required Antarctica Terrain Mesh from My Download-Site.

First Research Base Stations

My development partner Paolo released his first two Research Base Station Sceneries as add-ons for my Antarctica4XPlane Base Mesh Scenery (Part 1): SAWB Marambio Base and EGAR Rothera Research Station.