Tromsø Airport for X-Plane

The newest creation from Stairport Sceneries is now available: Tromsø Airport, Langnes. As we can see in the official trailer, the airport scenery for X-Plane is a really detailed rendition of its real counterpart:

scenery-tromso-xp_600x600Main features: High-resolution ground image for the airport boundary – Large photo scenery coverage of the surrounding area – Several custom buildings covering the surrounding area – Highly detailed building textures with baked shadows – Realistic night time effects and custom X-Plane lightning – Highly detailed terminal interior.

Further, the scenery package is shipped with a terrain mesh customized by Maps2XPlane, which levels the airport correctly, represents its slight slope and includes some details around the airport, e.g. the runway underpass.

Tromsø XP is now available in the Aerosoft Shop.