Los Angeles International for X-Plane

sfd_release_klax_12Eagerly awaited and now the time has come: ShortFinal Design a.k.a MisterX6 released his Los Angeles International Airport for X-Plane 11. Justin is already well known for his high quality X-Plane add-ons, but what he released now, outperforms everything! Take a look at the impressive feature list as well as the stunning snapshots:

Accurate models for all buildings with baked Ambient Occlusion; Dynamic reflections on objects and ground textures; Custom high resolution ground textures; HDR night lighting; Animated LAX Gateway Kinetic Light Pylons; Animated airport vehicles; Custom animated jetways and Docking Guidance Systems; Animated information boards on terminals; High resolution photo scenery; Randomly placed static aircraft.

Last but not least: The airport scenery is shipped with a custom patched terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane, featuring accurately raised and sloped runways as well as a lot of details around the airport, like the lowered entrance area, surrounded by the nine passenger terminals, as well as underpasses.

ShortFinal Design‘s Los Angeles International Airport is available at store.x-plane.org.