Porto Airport for X-Plane

I have the pleasure to announce, that Rui Silva released under the brand Área77 Simulations his first scenery package for the flight simulator X-Plane: It features the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport a.k.a. Porto Airport. But that’s not all: Also landmarks in the neighborhood of the airport as well as two heliports are included in the scenery package.

Key Features: Detailed rendition of Porto Airport; Buildings around the airport such as warehouses, container parks and car parks; Animated radar; Oporto hotel; Metro stations; Airport freeway bridges and access; Leça da Palmeira Lighthouse; Pedro Hispano Hospital and Heliport; Massarelos Heliport; STCP Museum; Vincci Hotel; Bridges; Leixões seaport and marinas; Custom lighting; Road traffic; Custom mesh.

Rui states, that all buildings in his scenery package were designed as real as possible. They were modeled according to their existing architectural features and materials. That applies for the airport, its lighting and the surrounded region. And as it regards Maps2XPlane: I’m pleased that I could support Rui with my extensive experiences in X-Plane scenery design, especially as it regards the editing of existing terrain meshes.

Área77 Simulations‘ rendition of Porto Airport is available at store.x-plane.org.