New Antarctica4XPlane add-on: Boulder Clay

Good news: The development of add-ons for #Antarctica4XPlane continues: Today I have the pleasure to announce that Pedro has released his semi-fictive rendition of the new Boulder Clay gravel runway near the Mario Zucchelli Station in the Terra Nova Bay:

Images courtesy of WalSch. Thanks Walter for taking and sharing these shots with us!

Pedro’s semi-fictive rendition of the new gravel runway is based on the publication: «Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation – Proposed construction and operation of a gravel runway in the area of Mario Zucchelli Station, Terra Nova Bay, Victoria Land, Antarctica – January 2017 – Rev. 0». Here is a video of a landing on the still unfinished runway in real life:

Boulder Clay by Pedro is available in the forum. It requires Antarctica4XPlane Part 2, and in addition I suggest to you the Terra Nova Bay add-on by Paolo. Have also a look at all other Antarctica4XPlane meshes and add-ons!

Please keep in mind: The Antarctica4XPlane sceneries and add-ons are available as freeware. However, modification, re-distribution or reverse-engineering without the author’s permission is prohibited. The Antarctica4XPlane sceneries and add-ons are meant for personal use and are intended for flight simulation only. They shall not be used for real life navigation or any other real life purposes. Please contact me, if you’re interested in a usage in commercial applications.