Seychelles4XPlane Sightseeing

Since its release at the beginning of this year, Seychelles4XPlane received amazing reviews from the user base, as well as from renowned scenery reviewers – see the summarization of various reviews in the last posting. What is always emphasized is that there’s “[…] so much to explore across the entire archipelago and so much to even just absorb […]” – to put it in the words of Stephen Dutton.

Whether large airliners, smaller airplanes, or helicopters – and even with seaplanes – there are countless places to explore. A stunning tropical landscape awaits you with more than a dozen scenic landing-sites, custom autogen and custom road network, as well as sea routes with dynamic sea traffic! Read more in the release notes, and enjoy this best-of snapshots from the sightseeing tours in the last couple of months of:

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