Seychelles4XPlane is released now!


It is my pleasure to inform you that Seychelles4XPlane is now available from our publisher Aerosoft. Our newest scenery package for the flight simulator X-Plane features a detailed rendition of the 115-island archipelago of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean: One of Maps2XPlane’s most extensive and complete X-Plane add-on, developed in cooperation with Albert Ràfols.

Wether you prefer large airliners, smaller aircrafts or even helicopters, a stunning landscape awaits you with more than a dozen scenic landing-sites: Land your airliner at the Seychelles International Airport and head with a smaller aircraft via the regional Praslin Island Airport to thirteen additional airfields which are spread over the smaller islands of the archipelago. But be prepared for challenging approaches: The island-runways are all quite short, embedded in dense tropical vegetation, and four of them are even unpaved grass airstrips. Helicopter pilots can look forward – in addition to landing-sites at the airports and airfields – to four additional heliports.

In short: Island hopping as its best!

Key Features

  • Custom Terrain Mesh with photo-realistic textures and vegetation
  • High-detailed rendition of the Seychelles International Airport
  • High-detailed rendition of the Regional Praslin Island Airport
  • Renditions of thirteen additional Airfields and four Heliports
  • Hundreds of custom objects and landmarks all over the islands
  • Custom Autogen with country-specific buildings and objects
  • Road-network and Sea-routes with animated, dynamic traffic
  • Custom static aircrafts and liveries by Pedro van Leeuwen
  • Implementation of the “Scenery Animation Manager (SAM)”

Get Seychelles4XPlane now directly from our publisher Aerosoft! Alternatively you can purchase Seychelles4XPlane also in numerous partner shops, like or Steam.