Reviews of Seychelles4XPlane

With the release of Seychelles4XPlane – our most recent and so far most extensive scenery package for X-Plane – we received amazing feedback from our customers, and also renowned reviewers. Here’s a summarization about what independent reviewers have to say:

  • Stephen Dutton from concludes: “[…] I have spent almost a full week in the Seychelles scenery package, and it is a very, very good experience. So much to explore across the entire archipelago and so much to even just absorb, so you have to give credit to the developers in creating a scenery on this scale […]” Read Stephen’s extensive review…
  • Bradley Bristow-Stagg from rates “10 out of 10 points” and summarizes: “[…] Maps2XPlane are establishing themselves as a very high-quality scenery developer and understands all aspects of flight simulation, fixed AND rotary wing. I feel no hesitation recommending buying their next project sign unseen, they are that good. But why should you spend your money here, well if you’re hankering for a tropical retreat, then treat yourself to this scenery! […]” Read Bradley’s review…
  • Paul Mort for concludes: “[…] Seychelles XP […] is by no means cheap, but when you factor in that you get 19 airport locations, custom terrain mesh with photo-realistic textures and vegetation, custom autogen, plus top quality objects and static aircraft, then the cost seems to be very reasonable. This is a location you could explore for days and still not see everything, it really is that good […]” Read Paul’s full review…

Thanks to all our customers and the reviewers for the extensive feedback! If you have reviewed Seychelles4XPlane, and we have missed it here, please contact me.


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Still hesitating and looking for more info first? Then have a look in the Seychelles4XPlane development thread, where you can find tons of further information, snapshots and vids.

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