Work in progress – Seychelles4XPlane

It’s time to inform you about our plans for our upcoming X-Plane scenery covering the Seychelles, an archipelago country in the Indian Ocean: Like the previous scenery packages #Svalbard4XPlane and #Faroes4XPlane, our new scenery package #Seychelles4XPlane will not feature just a single airport:

You can look forward to a photo-realistic custom terrain mesh covering the entire 115-island country; Dense tropical vegetation and country-specific autogen; Detailed renditions of the Seychelles International Airport as well as the regional Praslin Island Airport; Numerous additional airstrips and helipads, which are spread over the smaller islands.

This preview just to get a first idea about our plans. More information and a detailed feature list will follow. To stay up-to-date, check the development blog and our Facebook page frequently.

UpdateSeychelles4XPlane is available now from our publisher Aerosoft! Alternatively you can purchase Seychelles4XPlane also in numerous partner shops, like or Steam.