Sunrise over a new scenery

After the award winning sceneries Antarctica4XPlane and Svalbard4XPlane I’m proud to announce that I’m working together with a new partner on a brand new payware scenery package for the X-Plane flight simulator. The partner I could win for this ambitious project is Albert Ràfols, the developer of the great SpainUHD scenery.

What can you expect? Well, without revealing too much in this first posting: A high-resolution terrain mesh scenery covering an entire archipelago with two texture sets for a winter- and a summer-representation of the landscape, paired with an overlay featuring the road network and custom autogen buildings. Further, the scenery package will contain a detailed rendition of the archipelago’s main airport as well as eight helipads spread over the islands.

Did we arouse your curiosity? Then look forward the archipelago, that is situated between Norway and Iceland, and is mountainous, windy, wet, cloudy and cool, what makes it a really challenging destination for air traffic.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to guess what archipelago we choose to develop for you :-) In any case, further information, such as detailed descriptions and of course screenshots will follow in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!