Kassel-Calden Airport for X-Plane

Stairport Sceneries presents in cooperation with FlightSim Studio AG their rendition of Kassel-Calden Airport for X-Plane. It’s a relatively young international airport, located about 13.5 km northwest of the city of Kassel, known for its challenging approach on runway 09 due its inclination. This and other terrain details at the airport were implemented by Maps2XPlane in the in the scenery package included custom terrain mesh.

scenery-kassel-calden-xp_600x600Key Features: Detailed replica of the airport of Kassel-Calden; Custom colored ortho-photo for the airport; PBR ground textures; Realistic HDR lighting; HD hand-placed vegetation; Adapted roads and autogen; Custom airport vehicles; Custom animated approach lights; Custom static aircrafts; Full SAM compatibility (Marshaller, Seasons).

Furthermore, Kassel-Calden XP features a custom edited terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane and includes an Ortho4XP-patch for those users, who prefer a photo-mesh instead of the land-classification based mesh.

Kassel-Calden XP is now available in the Aerosoft Shop.