Halifax Stanfield Airport for X-Plane

One of Canada’s busiest airports is now available for X-Plane: Airfield Canada released their rendition of the Halifax Stanfield International Airport including a customized terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane, featuring accurately sloped runways and lots of other terrain details at the airport.

The extensive scenery package features: Over 150 highly-detailed custom buildings and objects with PBR textures; Custom high-quality PBR ground textures and markings with a weathered-look; Orthophotos covering the airport property and adjacent properties; Custom lighting from custom taxiway lights to custom approach lights; Custom modeled and animated ground vehicles; Custom animations (jetways, hangar doors and many more) powered by SAM Plugin (optional); Implementation of SAM Seasons (optional); Customized terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane (Ortho4XP patch included)

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