Bora Bora & Leeward Islands XP – The Airports

After first glimpses on helipads in the last article, let us now have a look at the airports that will be included in our latest scenery package Society Islands XP – Bora Bora & Leeward Islands. All of the major Leeward Islands have a small airport in real life, and all of them have been implemented in our rendition for X-Plane:

Bora Bora Airport (NTTB), Raiatea Airport (NTTR), Huahine – Fare Airport (NTTH) and Maupiti Airport (NTTP). Expect short and challenging runways, none longer than about 1,500 meters. Ideal for ATR 42 and ATR 72 propjets or smaller turboprops like the DHC-6, but also business jets can use the airfields. For an even bigger challenge, we also have included the (abandoned) airfield on Tupai (NTTU) as a bonus.

You can look forward to detailed renditions of all major airport buildings; custom ground textures and markings; implementation of the SAM Base Plugin (where employable); custom vegetation; and a lot of tiny details at and around the airports. Here are some first snapshots to get an idea of the level of detail you can expect:

The QA team has already received a first beta version for testing: So far everything looks good! Looks like it won’t be too long until the release. We’ll keep you informed: Follow our developer blog and Facebook page to stay up to date.

Update: Out now! Get Society Islands XP – Bora Bora & Leeward Islands now directly in the Aerosoft Shop. Alternatively, as usual for all our products, the scenery package is also available in all major stores – inter alia in the Org Store and on Steam.