Bora Bora & Leeward Islands XP – The Helipads

After we informed you about the Landscape of the Society Islands scenery package for X-Plane in the last post, it is time to take a closer look at the different landing locations. Before we have a look at the airports in another blog post, let’s first take a look at the different helipads:

As you already know, we have decided to focus Bora Bora and all Leeward Islands of the Society Islands archipelago in a first step. A total of 6 helipads are available here – five of them on Bora Bora and one on Taha’a, north of Raiatea. All of them are beautifully situated, but very challenging. Not only are they surrounded by dense vegetation or other obstacles, the wind conditions can also be very difficult. But see for yourself:

That’s it for today, more info will follow. Among other things, I will publish the eagerly awaited first snapshots of the five airports in the next planned posting. Follow us on the developer blog #SocietyIslands4XPlane and on Facebook to don’t miss any news.

Update: Out now! Get Society Islands XP – Bora Bora & Leeward Islands now directly in the Aerosoft Shop. Alternatively, as usual for all our products, the scenery package is also available in all major stores – inter alia in the Org Store and on Steam.