Split Airport for X-Plane

Ready to explore southern Croatia region Dalmatia in X-Plane? Stairport Sceneries released Split Airport in cooperation with PadLabs. It’s not just a conversion: The new X-Plane version represents the recent expansion of the airport including the new terminal, and features a customized terrain mesh by Maps2XPlane for a realistic representation of the airport terrain, including the sloped runway.

scenery-split-xp_600x600Key Features: Airport Split (LDSP), Resnik seaport (LDSR) and Divulje heliport (LDHD); New terminal building and parking; Photo realistic textures; Realistic rendering of the buildings and objects on the complete airport; HD ground textures including PBR; Custom HDR night lighting; Custom static aircrafts; Custom approach lighting; Animated jetways/marshaller (SAM plugin required); Custom service vehicles (SAM AirportVehicles required); Seasonal textures (SAM plugin required); Custom runway slope and mesh by Maps2XPlane (Ortho4XP patch included).

Airport Split XP is now available in the Aerosoft Shop.