Extensive Update of Faroes4XPlane

With its launch last December, our region-based scenery package Faroes4XPlane received amazing critics. Reason enough for us, to invest even more efforts to improve and extend our rendition of the Faroe Islands for X-Plane. Based on the feedbacks we got, the Main Objectives for an update were quite clear: Vegetation, Autogen, Landmarks, Harbors and Marine Traffic. In more detail, the features of the Faroes4XPlane update are:

  • Tree plantations and other sparse 3D vegetation all over the islands – with seasonal variations
  • Extended Autogen: Residential buildings with parkings spots and gardens – with lots of tiny details
  • More urban look for larger towns – by adding commercial and industrial buildings, and apartment blocks
  • More generic objects: gas stations, bus stops, football pitches with night lighting, parking places and more
  • Some unique Landmarks to explore, and in addition lots of generic renditions of Churches and Lighthouses
  • Piers and Harbors populated with custom objects like cranes, containers, moored boats and ships
  • Dynamic Marine Traffic: cargo vessels, cruise ferry, various fishing-, sail- and other boats

The Faroes4XPlane update is available now! If you already purchased Faroes4XPlane, check your Aerosoft account to get access to your copy. Partner shops, like X-Plane.orgSteam and others, should receive the Faroes4XPlane update within the next few days.

If you want to know more about Faroes4XPlane, please check the already published articles on my website, as well as the dedicated product page.