Annual update of Antarctica4XPlane

We’re in the mid of this years Antarctica season. A great opportunity for the annual update of the Antarctica4XPlane terrain meshes for X-Plane. First of all, I’m very happy that Aerosoft offered me the option to host my freeware mesh sceneries, covering the Antarctic continent. This means, that not only the download links changed, but also that the various forum threads related to Antarctica4XPlane will move to the Aerosoft forum. Enough of the organizational stuff, these are the news I have for you:

Antarctica4XPlane_1v4Extensively update of the Part 1: As with earlier versions, this part covers the South Orkney Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, but with version 4.0, this part covers now a much larger region: It extends now from W54 to W108, down to -76 degrees. Further, the updated version features the most recent coastlines and outlines besides a improved elevation model for Byers Peninsula. Add-ons for Part 1 are available from third-parties and are linked in the Antartica-Sceneries-Section of my website.

Antarctica4XPlane_2v4Extensively update of the Part 2: This part, featuring Victoria Land and the northern parts of the Transantarctic Mountains, extends with version 4.0 now from E144 to E180. Further, the updated version features not only the most recent coastlines and outlines, but also improved elevation models for Hut Point Peninsula and White Island as well as a simple elevation model for the Balleny Islands. Add-ons for Part 2 are available from third-parties and are linked in the Antartica-Sceneries-Section of my website.

Antarctica4XPlane_3v1Completely new Part 3: This new part of Antarctica4XPlane covers Coats Land and the western parts of Queen Maud Land from W39 to E6 and down to -81 degrees. Even when this part doesn’t feature at the moment any custom add-ons (customized airfields, research stations and base camps) it’s worth to visit. As a starting point you’ll find an apt.dat on the download page, featuring some skiways and helipads. BTW: If you’re a scenery developer and interested in developing some content for Antartica4XPlane, please drop me a message.

Enjoy the beauty of this fascinating and in the X-Plane default scenery completely missing continent: Antarctica. I’m looking forward to your reviews and comments: Join the discussion in the official threads in the Aerosoft-forum: in English and in German.

If you like Antarctica4XPlane and if you want to keep the further development alive, it would be great if you visit the how-to-support-page and consider one or more of the options to support my freeware-initiatives. Thank you in advance!