Reviews of Faroes4XPlane

Since the initial release, Faroes4XPlane received numerous improvements through several updates, and most recently also a first update for X-Plane 12. You’re not convinced yet, and still hesitating and unsure whether the extensive, award-winning scenery package is something for you? Well then, let’s see what independent reviewers have to say about Faroes4XPlane:

Reviews related to versions after the update for X-Plane 12:

  • Paul summarizes for X-Plained:[…] Faroe Islands XP is an award-winning scenery, and it continues to demonstrate exactly why it merited that award […] Buy it. There are few packages that are as worth the asking price as this work by Maps2XPlane and Albert Ràfols is. You will not regret it especially if you are a fan of helicopter flying and challenging your landing skills. If you are an airliner pilot, the Faroes are an increasingly popular destination in and of themselves, and the airport at Vágar is sure to challenge your skills especially when the weather is less than cooperative […]“. Don’t miss Paul’s extensive review with tons of stunning screenshots, it’s a must read!
  • Stephen from X-Plane Reviews revisited Faroes4XPlane once again and comes to the conclusion: “[…] Faroe Islands XP was the joint winner of the best landscape scenery of the year [2019]. This v2.2 update [2023] in actual details is very small, in reality just two lines in; added XP12 support and some hot fixes, but that is missing the point here […] it transforms the scenery significantly. In all areas; Lighting, Seasons weather and water effects…  the results are beyond spectacular! […]“. Read more about Stephan’s report about the most recent update.

Reviews related to versions prior the update for X-Plane 12:

More information about Faroes4XPlane in the developer blog and on the product page. Convinced now? Well then, we’re glad to hear that: The scenery package is available in the web-store of our publisher Aerosoft or from the vendor of your choice – e.g. from, Steam and others.