Update of Seychelles4XPlane

Seychelles XP has been updated! The new version fixes a few issues with the terrain mesh for X-Plane 12 beta/early access. It hotfixes, inter alia, “gaps” between waterbodies and landmasses. A more extensive update of Seychelles XP – which will then also make use of new X-Plane 12 features – is planned for a later date, when X-Plane 12 is in a more advanced stage.

Seychelles XP awaits you with a stunning landscape, the International Airport on Mahé, the Regional Airport on Praslin, and more than a dozen additional, scenic landing-sites for your smaller aircrafts and helicopters. More info about Seychelles XP in the developer blog!

The update is free for anyone who has already purchased Seychelles XP! If you don’t already own Seychelles XP, get your copy now direct from our publisher Aerosoft, or the vendor of your choice – such as from X-Plane.org or Steam.