Update of Antarctica4XPlane Add-ons

What a great and very welcome surprise: Paolo released updates for his Antarctica4XPlane add-ons. His seven scenery packages feature updated and new research stations, base camps and airstrips – overall there are now 20 locations for you to explore:

Someone could say now: Why we need such a huge update at the end of the current Antarctica season? I say: What a great opportunity to train your skills during the winter break for the upcoming Antarctica season! Get Paolo’s scenery packages now and enjoy the beauty of the antarctic continent in X-Plane!

Please notice: Depending on the location of each add-on, you’ll need either Part 1 (Antarctic Peninsula) or Part 2 (Victoria Land and northern parts of the Transantarctic Mountains) of my terrain mesh packages Antarctica4XPlane. In addition, I recommend to you my recently updated Antarctic Maps for X-Plane.