Subantarctic Sceneries

In conjunction with my Antarctica4XPlane scenery, I worked on the realization of a few Subantarctic Islands, which are missing in the X-Plane default world – or are at least not realistically shaped. Please note: These scenery packages as well as the add-ons mentioned in the last paragraph were developed for X-Plane 10/11, but work for X-Plane 11+ as well.

Prince Edward Islands


The Prince Edward Islands consists of two small South African Subantarctic Islands in the Indian Ocean, named Marion Island and Prince Edward Island. A great place for a stop-over when you’re on your way to the Antarctic Continent.

This Terrain Mesh Scenery for X-Plane was inspired by Ralph, who developed a Prince Edward Island Adventures scenery package, which I can recommend as an add-on. Besides some fictive content, this scenery package includes the meteorological and biological research station operated by the South African National Antarctic Programme on Marion Island.

Heard Island and McDonald Islands


Heard Island and McDonald Islands are Australian territory and are among the most remote places on Earth. Did you know: The summit of Heard Island, Mawson Peak, is higher than any mountain on the Australian mainland!

Another great place for a stop-over when you’re on your way to the Antarctic Continent. This Terrain Mesh Scenery was inspired by Pedro, who offers a choice of fictional airfields as an add-on to the Heard Island Mesh.

Additional stuff

[X-Plane 11+] In addition to my Subantarctic Terrain Mesh Sceneries, I recommend to use my Antarctic and Subantarctic Maps for X-Plane (because X-Plane’s default map doesn’t show any or only worse shaped outlines of the Subantarctic Islands).

[X-Plane 10+] In addition to my Terrain Mesh Sceneries, I recommend to use my Planet Map Replacement (because X-Plane’s default planet map doesn’t show some of the Subantarctic Islands).

Concluding Remarks

My Antarctica4XPlane terrain mesh-sceneries and add-ons are available as freeware. However, modification, re-distribution or reverse-engineering without my permission is prohibited. The Antarctica4XPlane terrain-mesh-sceneries and add-ons are meant for personal use and are intended for flight simulation only. They shall not be used for real life navigation or any other real life purposes. Please contact me, if you’re interested in a usage in commercial applications.

Last but not least, if you like my freeware sceneries for X-Plane, I’d appreciate if you also take a look at my payware sceneries for X-Plane and consider a purchase of one or more of these sceneries. Or you use the following PayPal-option for a – fully optional – voluntary contribution. Thank you very much!

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