How to support?

I’m glad, that I can offer some of my products as freeware. However, also these products are not without costs – they demand at least a lot of leisure time. So I’m pleased about the great support I received from the X-Plane community in the past: Thank you so much!

You also like to help to ensure the development of my freeware products keeps alive? That’s great and not that difficult you maybe expect. Here are some ideas how you can support my freeware initiatives:

  • Give me feedback! You like the results of my work or you have questions or suggestions regarding my Custom Sceneries for X-Plane? Feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to your messages.
  • Follow my brand Maps2XPlane on Facebook. I’m looking forward to your likes and comments. Consider also to share my postings and tell your friends about the various Custom Sceneries for X-Plane by Maps2XPlane.
  • Consider to take a look at my payware sceneries: SocietyIslands4XPlane and Seychelles4XPlane awaits you with a scenic landscape and more than a dozen of challenging landing-sites. Faroes4XPlane features the landscape, the airport and the helipads of the Faroe Islands. And Svalbard4XPlane covers Svalbard in the Arctic ocean, and features the major airports and heliports of the the Norwegian archipelago.