How to support?

You’re fascinated by my products and services, and you would like to help or cooperate? That’s great, thank you. There are many ways how you can support me or how you can cooperate with me:

  • Give me feedback. You like my work, or you have questions or suggestions? Contact me to send me your constructive feedback.
  • You are a scenery developer or airplane designer or a aircraft livery painter? Then think about to develop something related to my sceneries. It would be a pleasure for me to publish the results of your work in the Third-party section of my website.
  • Get inspired by the Guest-Articles section of my website, and if you also can tell an interesting real-life or fictive story around my sceneries, then let me know it.
  • Consider to make a donation. It’s a pleasure for me to offer some of my products and services for free, but please notice: even those projects are not without costs. Your donation helps to provide at least some of my products and services for free.
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