Antarctica Mesh Update!

Since today, an updated version of Part 1 of my Antarctica Mesh Scenery for X-Plane is available for download. Besides some minor fixes and improvements, the Base Mesh contains now Bathymetry Data, which gives the Antarctic Ocean a more realistic look. Because with the X-Plane default settings, the included bathymetry data isn’t recognizable, I developed […]

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Research Camps Sceneries

The call to create sceneries for the Antarctica4XPlane project shows first successes: It’s a pleasure for me to announce that Mark released the Trough Lake Camp and the Lower Wright Glacier Hut. I thank Mark and I’m looking forward to further realizations by him and other developers who like to support.

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de Havilland Canada Dash 7

Flight operations in Antarctica require rugged designed and fuel efficient aircrafts with short takeoff and landing capability: The de Havilland Canada Dash 7 meets these requirements perfectly. Enough reasons to suggest you the recently released de Havilland Canada Dash 7 model for X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 by user Stingray14. It comes with an excellent designed […]

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Get Antarctica4XPlane Part 2!

The second part of my Antarctica Base Mesh for X-Plane is now available.  The Mesh covers the Victoria Land and the northern parts of the Transantarctic Mountains. In addition to the Mesh Scenery, I’m proud to announce, that Paolo will shortly release a bunch of Research Base Station Sceneries.  You’ll find the download links for my Base Mesh […]

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A call to create Sceneries

You are a X-Plane scenery developer and interested in creating objects or complete sceneries, especially for my Antarctica Base Mesh for X-Plane? If yes, then I have some news for you: Nino gathered a lot of very useful information about the different Research Base Stations on the Antarctic Continent. So developers can start immediately with […]

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Happy Birthday Maps2XPlane!

One year ago, I and my project partners Nino and Paolo found together to bring so far missing regions into the X-Plane flight simulator. One of our first projects is Antarctica4XPlane, a base mesh scenery covering Antarctica and including dozens of research base station sceneries. After eight months of developing and testing, I released last December […]

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Interview with Matthias

A great honor for me, I was interviewed by Don’t miss the interview, if you like to know more about me and my Antarctica4XPlane development partners, and especially, if you like to get some background information about the Antarctica4XPlane project and its development.

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1.000 downloads reached!

I’m proud to announce that Part 1 of Antarctica4XPlane has reached 1.000 downloads – a big thank you to all supporters! I’m really interested in, who of those, who downloaded the Antarctica Base Mesh Scenery, regularly fly over X-Plane’s lost continent. It would be helpful if you give me some feedback: Let me know what you […]

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X-Plane’s lost continent

Based on my Antarctica Base Mesh Scenery, Walter created an impressive video. Lean back and enjoy the stunning impressions. Walter, thank you very much for your contribution. We’re looking forward to see more from you! If you like to experience your own antarctic adventure, then visit the sceneries-section of my website and the page dedicated to third-party extensions.

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