Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

Svalbard4XPlane is an extensive scenery package for the flight simulator X-Plane and covers the entire Norwegian archipelago Svalbard. The scenery package not only contains a high detailed terrain mesh, but also overlay sceneries by my development partner Stairport Sceneries.

The key features of the terrain mesh are: Coverage of the complete Svalbard archipelago with an area of about 61.000 square kilometers. High resolution terrain model and detailed outlines like coastlines, glaciers and waterbodies. Where required, manually modeled terrain details e.g. around airports. Generic, but photorealistic texturing for a summer and a winter-representation of the landscape.

The included overlay sceneries are: The Barentsburg Heliport (ENBA) and the Pyramiden Heliport (ENPY), the Ny-Ålesund Airport (ENAS) and the Svea Airport (ENSA), and of course the main airport Svalbard Airport, Longyear (ENSB) as well as the nearby main settlement of  Svalbard, Longyearbyen.

You can get your Svalbard4XPlane scenery package from our publisher Aerosoft or from the vendor of your choice – e.g. from, Steam and others. News and additional information and impressions can be found in the previous postings about Svalbard4XPlane.