Happy Birthday Maps2XPlane!

One year ago, I and my project partners Nino and Paolo found together to bring so far missing regions into the X-Plane flight simulator. One of our first projects is Antarctica4XPlane, a base mesh scenery covering Antarctica and including dozens of research base station sceneries. After eight months of developing and testing, I released last December the first part of the Antarctica4XPlane base mesh scenery, and Paolo his first package with research base station sceneries.

Now, close to the release of my second part of the Antarctica Base Mesh for X-Plane, we’re celebrating our 1st anniversary! And of course, not without gifts for the supporters of the project: I’ll have a little surprise for you!

Maps2XPlane – Sceneries for X-Plane

Mid of April 2015 a new development team was formed to create Custom Sceneries for X-Plane. The members are Nino, Paolo and me, Matthias. The focus of the development is to bring so far missing regions into the X-Plane world.

One of the first projects is Antarctica4XPlane which will bring the Antarctic Continent into the X-Plane Flight Simulation. I’m focused on the Base Mesh Sceneries and I’ll release them under the brand Maps2XPlane.