X-Plane as a tool of geographic analysis

A guest article by Nino, initiator of the Antarctica4XPlane project:

I have thirty atlases, hundreds of maps, dozens of travel books and some engraves of bird’s-eye views cities , from 1600 to today: the geography and travel have always interested me, although, unfortunately, I did other things for a living and, in fact, I have not traveled much then. Instead I traveled a lot in books and on the maps but the last tool that I use frequently for several years, not in substitution but in addition to paper ones, X-Plane, causes me of wonderful sensations, never felt so far.

I have the whole world (or almost, but Matthias and Paolo are taking action about) in the current 220 Giga of X-Plane in the 500 giga SSD of my MacBook Air, which, among other things, is much smaller then the Atlas of Encyclopedia Britannica or of the Treccani one. By now, even though as a pilot of aircraft I am absolutely poor, I got to know some of the many features and the quality of the orography of version 10 and I can see, study and admire, almost any spot on the globe: that’s why the interest is not directed only to the places where airports are located; if it serves to facilitate the recognition, I create fictional helipads where I want, what I’ve done everywhere, far and wide throughout the world in recent years, … but only until the cursed 60° S: then I met on a post Matthias and then Paolo … and life has changed.


Matthaus Merian (the Older) – Messina (about 1680)

Schermata 2015-10-10 alle 17.03.30

Austin Mayer (the Uncle) – Messina (2015)

Messina is where I was born many years ago.